Groupe SEB - Écully (69)

Support the Internal Control Manager in the definition of Internal control and Risk management devices, and in its implementation and animation throughout the Group, within all subsisdiaries and processes. Ensure consistent control processes implementation and adequate monitoring of Internal Control activities, insuring an efficient risk mitigation and continuous improvement.
The Group Internal Control is under the responsibility of the Audit & Internal Control department. As per international standards and industry benchmark, the control environment is composed of three lines of defense. This role is to ensure an appropriate and effective first and second lines of defense within the group.
Internal control in Groupe Seb has two main components: a central team (Internal Control Manager and Group Internal Controllers), and a decentralized “Network”, composed as follows:

  • Areas (geographic) and Activities Internal Controllers (animating and monitoring risks and controls of their scope)
  • Local Internal Controllers who dedicate part of their role to Internal Control measures.

The Group Internal Controller supports the Internal Control Manager:
  • in the different projects contributing to the Group Internal Control improvement: participate in the reinforcement of the system and the implementation of internal control processes by being proactive in their strategic evolution according to internal or external constraints
  • in defining /updating the risks and the associated controls,
  • in coordinating and animating the Internal Control Network

1) Pilot operational risk management system
  • Design and deploy the risk assessment campaigns
  • Update the Risk cartographies: animation and monitoring of Risk management within the Group
  • Participate in the improvement and follow-up of frauds, and of the device for incidents management

2) Maintain and update the standards
  • Update twice a year the Internal Control Manual (ICM): integrating Risk management analysis and Business Process Owners reviews, in coordination with Audit team needs
  • Update and enrich the key controls and their toolbox to be performed by local controllers
  • Ensure Group procedures are updated by Business Process Owners

3) Develop the Internal Control culture
  • Maintain and deploy with the Group training department the e-learning on internal controls, as part of the compliance training program, for all the Group employees
  • Develop training documentation for Internal Control key elements, and run the training as needed to ensure appropriate knowledge / competency levels
  • With the Internal Control Network, ensure the deployment of Internal Control Manual

4) Develop the Internal Control tools
  • Develop a key controls toolbox for local actors
  • Leverage data analysis, through use of ACL (Audit Common Language) and additional tools
  • Deploy to local controllers:
  • Data analysis methodology, to grow local competency on data analysis.
  • Regular data elements coming from ACL to be analyzed (irregular transactions, masterdata changes, unusual accesses in system…)

5) Operate the 2nd Internal Control line of defense
  • Owner of the SAFE (Annual Internal Control Self Assessment) process: update in accordance to ICM evolution, launch and animate annual and punctual campaigns
  • Analyze SAFE results to be shared with local controllers / management, Internal Control Network and Audit teams.
  • Monitor the Permanent key controls, in relation with Internal Control Network.
  • Support the SOD project and monitor SOD compensatory controls in relation with Internal Control Network.

  • 80 commercial entities
  • 30 factories
  • 100-150 point of contacts wordwide
  • Approx 1000 SAFE users
  • 15 Business process owners to interact with, mainly function head VPs (Industry, Treasury, Legal, Purchasing, IT, HR…)
PROFILE : Education : Master in business administration or equivalent Experience : 5 years minimum in Internal Control Language : English (fluent) / French, an additional language would be a plus General Skills :
  • Strategic thinking : Analytical skills
  • Operational excellence : Rigor, transparency, Ethics
  • Commitment : Strong communication / collaboration with multi functional partners, ability to implement changes
  • Data analysis: capacity to work with data analysis tools
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